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Mobile Technology

Applying real-time online network technology to mobile
Apply 3D graphics technology such as an actual image to mobile
Application of a mobile-fit AI system

Massively Multiplayer Online Technology

Set 16 vs. 16 Dedigate Game Server for the first time in Korea
Deploy parallel servers to facilitate server expansion
Remote Control Patch System Deployment

Global Server  Technology

Have reliable global online service technology
Have Global Single Server Deployment Technology
Have global traffic distribution server deployment technology


Mobile & Massively multiplayer online


Software Development Company

Virtual Reality Technology

Have virtual reality space implementation skills like real life

Have game making skills in addition to architectural and interior design
Have VR Realtime Network Server Technology

MultI-platform technology

VR shows real-world environment
Check Your Home with the Web
Mobile, anytime anywhere
VR + Web + Mobile with multI-platform interworking technology



 *Genre: Strategic shooing game

 *Phase : Development completed  
 *Payment : In App Purchase

 *Development Phase : Ready to Service

 *Service area : Global

New battle style specialized for mobile!

[Tactical Battle]
- Arm four characters and complete for a mission
- You can watch your squad's battle and send your character to a strategic advantage location. 
- Auto / manual commands exist and can be selected according to user preference.
- You can command your squad members to move them to the location that you want.

[Team death match]
- 4 Vs 4 team death match Win by a team that has filled the target number

- Easy, normal, hard mode Wipe out, monster hunting

[Bombing Mission]
- 4 Vs 4 Bombing mission [Red team attack] / [Blue team defense]​



A variety of heroic battles that make fighting fun
Simple operation of TPS to suit mobile characteristics
Fun of growth and collecting items


Turn-based tactical game style strategy games are gaining steady popularity
Turn-based tactical game gets popular for expressing strategies and actions


Mechanic + Strategic battles + Pretty Women

Having fun with high quality of graphics, various battles, strategy tactics along with other users

The pleasure and emotional immersion with beautiful female pilots


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K-1, 2nd Floor, 274-1, Dobong-ro, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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